Town Profile: Let’s move to Essex

Where and what is Essex?

In north-east London, Essex boarders multiple counties from Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to the north, Hertfordshire to the west, Kent to the south and London to the southwest. It is ranked 7th in the most populated places in England with 1,729,200. The name Essex comes from the word ‘Eastseaxe’ (East Saxons) and has Old English heritage going back to the Anglo Saxon period of the Early Middle Ages.

What does Essex have to offer?

Essex has a wealth of historical landmarks on offer; dating all the way back to Anglo Saxon times the ‘Church of St Peter on the Wall’ (7th century) makes for a fascinating excursion. The historic market town of ‘Maldon’ and a number of castles including ‘Colchester Castle’, ‘Hedingham Castle’ and ‘Mountfitchet Castle’ firmly place Essex on the historical map.

Discover more about the historic background of the people of Essex at the ‘Essex Record Office’.

Other attractions include the railway museums of ‘East Anglian Railway Museum’ and ‘Mangapps Railway Museum’ as well as the ‘Audley End’ house and gardens, ‘Colchester Zoo’, ‘Tibury Fort’ and ‘Epping Forest’.


With its beautiful landscapes and surroundings, Essex also offers art trails (both walking and cycling). One such art trail is the ‘Painter’s Trail across the Dedham Vale’. Sea coast attractions include the seaside resort of ‘Southend on Sea’, ‘Clacton on Sea’ and ‘Walton on the Naze’.


As far as events and festivals go, Essex offers a wide range of events each month, more can be found on the website to discover what is being held and when.


There are approximately ninety schools in Essex, including four grammar schools and thirteen independent schools. Similarly, the University of Essex which is outside Colchester was established in 1963.


Depending on the number of people in your family or whether you are moving to Essex alone, new homes in Essex can vary with the average price for an average family is reported to be between £10,995 and £2,500,000 but for a single home buyer, you are looking at prices between £15,000 and £485,000.


The industry in Essex is mostly in the south with agriculture occupying the rest. The Harlow district provides electronics, science and pharmaceuticals. Other places cover mechanical engineering such as metal, glass and plastic.


With its monthly events going on all year round, the one consistent thing about Essex is that it truly embraces its past by allowing the historic landmarks to be the dominating attraction. It is the perfect place for those yearning to learn more about the past in the Old English times.