Velox offers free green homes

Two families from the Rothwell area will get the opportunity to live for one year in Velox’s brand new, fully furnished, state-of-the-art homes, with no rent or payment required.  They will be required to furnish a record of their experience, presumably describing just how everything works (or doesn’t work) in their domicile.  Only two-parent, one or two-child families are eligible, and they must also be somewhat familiar with environmental household practices.

Windows that open and close automatically depending on weather conditions and interior lights that brighten and dim depending on the intensity of natural light from outside are just the beginning.  The homes are designed to make the best use of both sunlight and fresh air; solar panels, roof windows and natural ventilation, plus special construction material, all contribute to keeping the interior at a comfortable temperature year round with energy drawn from nature and zero carbon emissions.

This trial living arrangement, to be documented by the two families, is meant to help the project’s creators analyze how well the many innovations in construction and architecture will perform, and how the average consumer will react.  Velox makes the claim that “One experiment is better than a thousand expert views”, and they are backing that claim.