York house prices out of the reach of the vast majority

The latest report on the matter of the housing crisis in this country reveals the fact that single people or young families who live in and around York have suffered greatly due to being unable to access affordable housing. Shelter, the national homeless charity, said that over 90% of the houses were out of reach for the typical family having children. Only 3.1% could come under the category of affordable.

Other places had healthier figures to show. In the Humber and Yorkshire region, the number of competitively priced houses was 30% and in Hull, the figure was at 58%. Only two districts have worse prices than York does; these were Harrogate (2.6%) and Hambleton District (1.6%). The figure for London is 1.6%.

Statistics show that amount of affordable houses in Yorkshire stood at 11%, compared to the 1.5% in York. Shelter conducted a survey into property for sale compared to the mortgage amounts provided by the government for single people, couples and families. The results shocked them, a spokeswoman said.

30% of all authority areas in the locality of Humber and those of Yorkshire, only 10% of the houses were affordable. It was unaffordable even if one considered the huge saving of 20% on their deposits. If these people wanted the Government to help them, the picture became bleaker. The Help to Buy mortgage scheme that provides 95% mortgage would result in high monthly mortgage payments.

Shelter says that people felt this affordability crisis in Britain was more in the south although, the region from the Vale of York stretching to the Lake District had a low number of affordable houses.

According to the charity, the problem can only be solved by the Government building houses or else the Government should expect things to get better but actually, the crisis will get worse.